Advanced UA Sites Training: Blocks

Blocks are reusable pieces of content which can be displayed in regions of the website. In this session we will discuss what are blocks and regions of a UA Site. We will illustrate different types of blocks and ways of embedding them on a page including using WYSIWYG editor.

Audience:  UA Sites clients with a live or a development UA Site. We encourage site owners and site editors to come to this workshop.

Skill Level - UA Sites clients who have have experience working on UA Sites or have completed UA Sites Training session

When: 1pm Duration: 30 minutes



1 p.m. June 24, 2021
1 p.m. July 1, 2021
1 p.m. July 15, 2021
1 p.m. July 29, 2021

Event Contacts

Sanjana Nikoloch-Singh