Frequently Asked Questions

The Campus Web Services team will take care of this for you before your site goes live.

First create your page, then add it to a menu. 

Learn more on the Manage Menus page

  1. Navigate to your page with the webform
  2. Click "Webform"
  3. Click "E-mails"
  4. Enter the desired email address
  5. Click "Add"
  6. Save
  1. Edit your page
  2. Click "Show row weights" on the top right
  3. Reorder numerically
  4. Save

If you would like google analytics set-up on your website, please submit a web services request and include any emails of users that you would like to have access to the google analytics data.

Please note that google analytics users must first opt in to Catmail to access Google applications. (Note: Your CatMail password will be the same as your NetID password).

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides accessibility resources for web, print, PDF, video, and more.

Check out the web accessibility resources

Tables should only be used for if/then type of content with headers and data.

Tables should never be used for layout.

  1. On a Flexible Page, add a Text Area
  2. Click on the Table icon and select your desired settings
  3. Add your content
  4. Save

If you have created a new webform, and added an email address to receive submission notifications but are not receiving those email notifications, your site may need an additional webform function enabled. Please submit a web services request to have our team add this additional functionality.

When you are ready for your new UA Site to go live, please submit a Web Services Request form. Indicate that your website is ready to go live in the "Describe Request for Service" field and we will happily launch your new website.

submit a Web Services Request form

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