Photo Gallery

Photo galleries are used to showcase many photos at once with the option to view each photo in more detail.  The number of photos in each row is automatically configured based on the viewer's screen size.


Click each image to see full screen, this also presents the captions at the bottom of the image.

How to Create a Photo Gallery:

  1. Create a Flexible Page
  2. Select the "Edit" Tab on the blue menu bar under the Title.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Add Photo Gallery.
  4. Select the gray "Browse" button to begin to insert your images.
    • Images must be at least 500 px wide. This element allows you to have varying picture sizes. They will be displayed on the same size on the page. However, once the viewer clicks on the image, it will be displayed at its full size.
  5. The "Weight" column allows you to determine the order in which your photos are displayed in the photo gallery, 0 being the first image in the set.
  6. The "Operations" column allows you to edit and remove the images you have previously added to the Photo Gallery.
    • In the "Edit" setting, you can add captions that are visible to the visitor when they select the image in the Photo Gallery.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to Add Images to your Photo Gallery until you have created a gallery that suits your needs!
  8. Save


  • Attach Media: Photo displayed in the gallery
  • Weight: Order within the gallery (left to right)
  • Operations: Additional options for the image
    • Edit: Edit the photo, alt text, caption, etc.
    • Remove: Remove the photo from the photo gallery