Card Decks

If you would like to emphasize content on your homepage or any other page you can use a card deck like this!

Logging In

If you want to make any changes to this page or add content, you will need to log in by adding "/cas" to the end of the website URL (ex:

Adding Content to Your Site

To start adding other pages, go to Manage > Content and then click on Add Content. Flexible pages are a great place to start.

For more about content and how to add content to your site check out the documentation at

Editing the Navigation Menu

  1. Create or edit your page.
  2. In edit mode, click on the Menu Settings tab on the left
  3. Check the box to Provide a Menu Link
  4. Fill in the Menu Link Title how you would like it to display on your page
  5. Add Menu Link title and Description for accessibility purposes
  6. Set the Parent Item to <Main Menu> if you want it in the Top Navigation
  7. If you want it to be in a sub-menu, select the appropriate parent page

Editing or Deleting this page

Click on the following Panel Groups to learn more.

Simply log into the site and click ‘Edit’ at the top of the page.

  1. Login to the site and click ‘Edit’ at the top of the page
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the edit page and click 'Delete'

Background wrappers add visual interest!