Carousels are used to showcase several photos with captions in a rotating manner.  There are two different types of Carousels: the Bootstrap Carousel and the Front Page Carousel. The Bootstrap Carousel is useful for walking people through an event or telling a story. The Front Page Carousel or "Hero Carousel" are more effective on the front page and the instructions are here. To add more pictures to your page a Photo Gallery would be more effective. 


Note: Carousels require that all the images are the same size, be sure to crop them all before you add them to your website. Images that are 1600 x 1065 work well. Images must be at least 945 pixels wide.

How to Create a Carousel:

  1. Create a Flexible Page.
  2. Select the "Edit" Tab on the blue menu bar under the Title.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the content created, Select "Add Carousel." This will create a "Carousel" section in the Content.
  4. Add a Photo by selecting the gray "Browse" button under the Photo header. This will bring you to the "Media Browser" where you can select how you would like to upload your media.
  5. The "Carousel Captions" text area is where you can add text to the bottom of each picture.
  6. The "Title" text area adds a small title on the mouse when the mouse is hovering over the image. 
  7. Once you have added your first Carousel item (the picture and caption) select the gray button "Add another item" to add another picture on your existing Carousel. Having multiple pictures on the Carousel will allow the visitor to slide through each item once the changes are published.
  8. Repeat Steps 5-8 to add as many photos as you would like as shown on the Sample above.
  9. Save


  • Photo: Photo of the carousel slide
    • Browse for photo, then add ALT text
  • Carousel Captions: Caption of the photo
  • Add another item: Add another carousel slide