Carousel Item

Adding a Carousel Item will automatically create a carousel on your homepage. We recommend having only three (3) carousel items published at one time.

If you have more than four (4) carousel items, you will need to un-publish some of them or it will break the display.


  • Title: Title of the slide
  • Short Summary: Summary of the slide and call to action
  • Call to action: Title of the link
  • URL: Link location
  • Slide Image: Image for the carousel slide
  • Alternate text: Summary of image that is read by screen readers

Edit an Existing Carousel Item

  1. Manage > Content
  2. Select the "Type: Carousel Item"
  3. Click "Apply"
  4. Click "Edit" next to the item
  5. Make changes
  6. Save

Reorder Carousel Items

  1. Navigate to the homepage
  2. Hover over carousel slider
  3. Click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner
  4. Click "Order view"
  5. Drag to correct order
  6. Save