News Items are articles that you can create and publish on your site and are displayed onto the website through Views.


View a sample news article

How to Add a News Item:

  1. Click "Manage" in the top bar
  2. Click "Content"
  3. Click "Add content"
  4. Select "News"
  5. Enter the information about your news in the Fields you would like that are described below.
  6. Enter summary information about your news in the Summary Fields that are described below.
  7. Click on "Save"



  • Title: Title of the News Item
  • Byline: Author of the News Item
  • Date of publication: Date when the News Item was published (cannot use future dates) Note: The date cannot be in the future and the publication cannot be from more than 10 years ago.
  • Photo: Photo associated with the News Item Note: Images must be larger than 568 x 426 pixels, but less than 100 MB.
    • Alternate text: Text describing what's in the image (required for accessibility)
  • Subheading: Subhead of the News Item
  • Article body: Body content of the News Item
  • Extra body content: Additional content styles you can add to your article using other page elements. More information about these additional elements are found here:
  • News Tags: Tags associated with the News Item. This field is optional.
    • Can be used to filter a View

Summary Fields

Summary Fields are the short versions of the News Items which are displayed on the page through the View.

  • "Short Title" is an abbreviated title to be displayed on the page.
  • Add a "Link to News" this is the text that will appear for the link. Visitors will be able to click on this text to visit the full News Item.
  • The "URL" section allows you to insert the URL or node of the site you would like to reference. [node:url] (link to content is default, can be replaced with an external link). More information about links can be found here.
  • The "Summary" text area is where you can create an enticing summary that will draw the user to read the full article. 
  • NOTE: Do not add any links in the summary text area.
  • "Expiration Date" is where you can customize the duration of the News Item being displayed on the website. Note: After the expiration date, the article will no longer be featured on your website, but it will NOT be deleted.


Additional Tip: When creating a News Item, the article will automatically be displayed where the news View is inserted on a page. You can customize the Views based on the styling and where you would like the news displayed on your website.


Types of News Views

*For news articles to appear in the these views, they must be "promoted to front page".

Note: The Teaser Blocks and Sidebar promoted news block are recommended only for the front page. The List pages and Marquee are best for internal pages on your site.

How To Make a News Item "Promoted to Front Page":

  1. Ensure that you have the News Item as a Teaser Block or Sidebar promoted news block.
  2. Edit the News article
  3. Select the "Publishing Options" section from the blue selection bar on the left. This is highlighted on the diagram to the left.
  4. Select the "Promoted to Front Page" option to promote the News Article to the most prominent article. More information about News Views is below.
  5. Save


Views can be added to Flexible Pages to display your news items and update with the latest news automatically.