View a sample news article


  • Title: Title of the news item
  • Byline: Author of the news item
  • Date of publication: Date when the news item was published (cannot use future dates)
  • Photo: Photo associated with the news item
    • Alternate text: Text describing what's in the image (required for accessibility)
  • Subheading: Subhead of the news item
  • Article body: Body content of the news item
  • Extra body content: Additional content styles
  • News Tags: Tags associated with the news item 
    • Can be used to filter a View
  • Summary fields
    • Short Title: Shorter title to display in views (Default shows entire title)
    • Summary: Short summary to entice viewers to read entire news article


Views can be added to Flexible Pages to display your news items and update with the latest news automatically.

Types of News Views

  • Master: Semi-unformatted display of 3 card style new items
  • *Teaser Block (3 items): Displays three card-style news items in one row
  • *Teaser Block (6 items): Displays six card-style news items in two rows
  • *Sidebar promoted news block: Displays three recent news articles in row format. Used in sidebars of articles.
  • Teaser list page: Unformatted/unused
  • Media list page: Row view of articles
  • Recent news marquee: One large news item with three smaller news items on the right
  • Recent news medium media list: Displays three most recent news items, skipping the first most recent, in a row view

*For news articles to appear in the these views, they must be "promoted to front page".

Follow the steps below to promote a news article to the front page:

  1. Edit the news article
  2. On the bottom left, click Publishing options
  3. Check the box for Promoted to front page
  4. Save