View a sample person


  • First Name: Person's first name
  • Last Name: Person's last name
  • Category: Category of the person (typically the department name)
  • Photo: Person's headshot photo
    • Alternate text: Alternate text of the person's photo (typically their full name)
  • Job Title(s): Person's job title
  • E-mail: Person's work email address
  • Phone Number(s): Person't work phone number
  • Address(es): Person's work address
  • Biography: Person's biography

Categorize Your People

To add categories to your directory, you will need to add "taxonomy" terms. Follow the instructions below to add taxonomy terms to your website.

  1. Navigate to Manage > Structure > Taxonomy
  2. Person Categories > List Terms
  3. Reorder existing terms or Add Term
  4. Save

These terms will now show in the Category section when editing a person.

Reordering Your People

The default order of people is alphabetical. If you need to change, go to "your-url/admin/uaqs-person/reorder-people". Click on arrow symbol to left of person's name and drag and drop to new placement. Remember to save when finished.