Manage Menus


  • Menu link title: Text that displays in the menu
  • Parent item: Item that the page lives under
  • Weight: Order of pages in the menu

Minor Updates

  1. Navigate to the page > Click "Edit"
  2. Click "Menu settings"
  3. Click the "Provide a menu link" box
  4. Change the "Menu link title" if desired
  5. Select the "Parent item" and "Weight"
  6. Save

Major Updates

  1. Navigate to "Manage" > "Structure" > "Menus" 
  2. Click on the menu you wish to update
    1. Main menu: resides under the logo at the top of the screen
    2. Utility links: resides at the top right of the page above the search bar
  3. Add or rearrange menu items with the drag-and-drop interface
  4. Save