Manage Menus


  • Menu link title: Text that displays in the menu. This text can be different from the title of the page and can be changed at any time.
  • Description (optional): Text that displays on hover.
  • Parent item: Item that the page lives under. Select <Main menu> to put the page on the main menu.
  • Weight: Order of pages in the menu.

Minor Updates

Each piece of content can be added to the menu. Use these steps to modify the menu settings for a single piece of content.

  1. Navigate to the page you would like to have on the Menu.
  2. Select the "Edit" Tab on the blue menu bar under the Title.
  3. Click "Menu settings"
  4. Click the "Provide a menu link" box
  5. Change the "Menu link title" if desired
  6. Select the "Parent item" this will adjust where the the page is displayed on the Menu, "<Main menu>" will display the page as its own section on the menu bar. If you select another page as the "Parent Item" the page you are on will be set as a drop down selection from the "Parent Item.
    1. "Weight" will adjust the order of the pages below the Parent Item. Menu links with smaller weights are displayed before links with larger weights.
  7. Save

Major Updates

When you have a lot of items in your menu and want to make many changes, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to "Manage" > "Structure" > "Menus
  2. Click on the menu you wish to update
    1. Main menu: resides under the logo at the top of the screen
    2. Utility links: resides at the top right of the page below the red bar
  3. Add or rearrange menu items with the drag-and-drop interface
  4. Save

Create Menu "Folders"

Menu "folders" are menu links that have sub-pages but are not clickable to go to their own page (like "Site Building" or "Content Editing" above). It is best practice to have all top main menu links be linked to a single page OR be a drop down to other pages (not both).

  1. Navigate to "Manage" > "Structure" > "Menus
  2. Click on "Edit menu" next to Main Menu
  3. Click the "Add link" button
  4. Type in the desired Menu link title. This is the text to be used for this link in the menu.
  5. Type in "<nolink>" for the "Path"
  6. Check the "Show as expanded" box
  7. Keep Parent link selected to "<Main menu>"
  8. Save
  9. Rearrange menu items to place pages in this "folder" with the drag-and-drop interface
  10. Save

Reordering Menus

  1. Navigate to "Structure" > "Menus" > "Main Menu"
  2. Select the "Edit Menu" link next to "Main Menu"
  3. Click "Hide row weights" to use the drag-and-drop feature on the left
  4. Reorder or nest menu items as desired
  5. "Save" at the bottom of the page